Amazon Aurora


MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible relational database with several times better performance.Security, availability, and reliability of commercial databases at 1/10th the cost.

Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible relational database engine that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. Amazon Aurora provides up to five times better performance than MySQL with the security, availability, and reliability of a commercial database at one tenth the cost.

Features of Amazon Aurora

High Performance - Amazon Aurora provides 5X the throughput of standard MySQL or twice the throughput of standard PostgreSQL running on the same hardware. This consistent performance is on par with commercial databases, at 1/10th the cost. On the largest Amazon Aurora instance, you can achieve up to 500,000 reads and 100,000 writes per second. You can further scale read operations using read replicas that have very low 10 ms latency.

Highly Secure - Amazon Aurora provides multiple levels of security for your database. These include network isolation using Amazon VPC, encryption at rest using keys you create and control through AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and encryption of data in transit using SSL. On an encrypted Amazon Aurora instance, data in the underlying storage is encrypted, as are the automated backups, snapshots, and replicas in the same cluster.

MySQL and PostgreSQL Compatible - The Amazon Aurora database engine is fully compatible with MySQL 5.6 using the InnoDB storage engine. This means the code, applications, drivers, and tools you already use with your MySQL databases can be used with Amazon Aurora with little or no change. This also allows for easy migration of existing MySQL databases using standard MySQL import and export tools or using MySQL binlog replication. We're now previewing PostgreSQL compatible Amazon Aurora database instances, supporting the SQL dialect and functionality of PostgreSQL 9.6.

Highly Scalable - You can scale your Amazon Aurora database from an instance with 2 vCPUs and 4GiB of memory up to an instance with 32 vCPUs and 244GiB of memory. You can also add up to 15 low latency read replicas across three Availability Zones to further scale read capacity. Amazon Aurora automatically grows storage as needed, from 10GB up to 64TB.

High Availability and Durability - Amazon Aurora is designed to offer greater than 99.99% availability. Recovery from physical storage failures is transparent, and instance failover typically requires less than 30 seconds. Amazon Aurora's storage is fault-tolerant and self-healing. Six copies of your data are replicated across three Availability Zones and continuously backed up to Amazon S3.

Fully Managed - Amazon Aurora is a fully managed database service. You no longer need to worry about database management tasks such as hardware provisioning, software patching, setup, configuration, monitoring, or backups. Amazon Aurora automatically and continuously monitors and backs up your database to S3, enabling granular point-in-time recovery.

Where can I use Amazon Aurora?

Enterprise Applications - Amazon Aurora is a great option for any enterprise application that can use a relational database. Compared to commercial databases, Amazon Aurora can help cut down your database costs by 90% or more while improving reliability and availability of the database. Amazon Aurora being a fully managed service helps you save time by automating time consuming tasks such as provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection, and repair.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications - SaaS applications often use architectures that are multi-tenant, which requires a great deal of flexibility in instance and storage scaling along with high performance and reliability. Amazon Aurora provides all of these features in a managed database offering, helping SaaS companies focus on building high quality applications without worrying about the underl

Web and Mobile Gaming - Web and mobile games are built to operate at very large scale need a database with high throughput, massive storage scalability, and high availability. Amazon Aurora fulfils the needs of such highly demanding applications with enough room for future growth. Since Amazon Aurora does not have any licensing constraints, it perfectly fits the variable usage pattern of these applications.

Amazon Aurora Performance Benchmarking

Amazon Aurora can provide a significant performance increase to your application while improving reliability and availability, and reducing cost at the same time. Internal testing using SysBench on r3.8xlarge instances show that Amazon Aurora delivers over 500,000 reads and 100,000 writes per second with a high level of consistency, irrespective of the size of the database and object count. You can easily run benchmark tests against an Amazon Aurora instance to compare it to the performance of your existing database or to evaluate performance needs for a new application you are building.

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