( Including Sun Microsystems )

Throughout its history Oracle has proved it can build for the future on the foundation of its innovations and, its intimate knowledge of customer challenges and successes analysed by the best technical and business minds in the world. The company has leveraged its immense size and strength to serve its customers, and to implement key technology and business decisions that upend conventional wisdom and take its products and services in new directions.

Today Oracle is the gold standard for database technology and applications in enterprises throughout the world. The company is the world's leading supplier of information management software and the world's second largest independent software company. The acquisition of Sun Microsystems gives Oracle a leadership role in the hardware arena as well.

Now more than ever before Oracle technology can be found in nearly every industry, and in the data centres of ALL of the Fortune Global 100 companies. Oracle is the first software company to develop and deploy 100 percent internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line: database, business applications, application development, and decision support tools.

Innovation is the engine of Oracle's success. Oracle was one of the first companies to make its business applications available through the internet - an idea that is now pervasive. Oracle has introduced new Oracle Fusion Middleware products and functionality that reflect the company's goal to connect all levels of enterprise technology, ensuring customers access to the knowledge they need to respond to market conditions with speed and agility.

Before the acquisition of Sun was final, Oracle and Sun introduced the Sun Oracle Database Machine, the world's fastest machine for any type of database workload. Today, Sun servers and storage, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Applications, Oracle Grid Computing, support for enterprise Linux, and Oracle Fusion, all fuel a commitment to innovation and results that has defined Oracle for thirty years.

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"WTL showed a thorough understanding of TRL's needs especially the wider IT infrastructure to which the new system would interface. WTL worked very hard to meet delivery deadlines and were accommodating when these changed!" - Mohamed Ismail- Research Engineer, Toshiba Research
"One of the biggest factors in choosing WTL was their experience and professionalism which gave us the confidence that the job would be completed on time and to budget." - Pete Gain, Enterprise Technology Specialist, SAS UK
"WTL performed an audit of existing support contracts and cross referenced existing infrastructure to produce an asset registry at that point in time" - United Utilities