Petards Case Study

De-risking a complex solution with faster time-to-market

Customer Profile

Petards Group plc (LSE: PEG), then Screen plc, was listed on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in 1997 and is headquartered in Gateshead.

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of advanced security, surveillance and public safety systems, Petards combine a wide portfolio of market-leading products and two decades of technical integration expertise to create and deliver tailored solutions to clients' security and surveillance challenges.

Customer Challenge

To try and differentiate themselves and grow market share from within an very competitive environment. Petards were looking for a technology integration partner that would enhance and compliment their own product portfolio - their criteria was:

  • Finding a "trusted" partner to help deliver tailored "turn-key" solutions to existing and new clients, incorporating Petards leading-edge business applications.
  • Ensuring the partner has expert technical levels to seamlessly integrate hardware infrastructure requirements of their customers bespoke surveillance needs.
  • How to "de-risk" a total solution delivery to their clients.
  • Working with a partner whose focus is solely in hardware infrastructure.

WTL's Solution

The following joint-engagement model was specifically created for mutual benefit:

  • Creation of a joint/cohesive business plan.
  • Full and complete understanding of roles and responsibilities within the plan.
  • Alignment of dedicated technical support team to proactively and reactively head-off any technical integration issues.
  • Delivery of "application ready" infrastructure.
  • Creation of a dedicated helpdesk facility for Infrastructure Support.
  • Access to a technical design architect for complex "turn-key" solutions.
  • Ongoing quarterly performance reviews.

Results and Benefits of the Project

  • Petards can focus on their core business which is the development and delivery of world-class surveillance solutions safe in the knowledge that WTL will advise them on all their infrastructure requirements.
  • Frees up time and resource for any technical integration of "unknown" hardware infrastructure.
  • The ability to safely deliver a "seamlessly integrated" "De-risked" turn-key solution to their clients.
  • Quicker time to market for solution delivery.
  • No requirement to train/gain accreditation, for their internal technical team on all hardware platforms.
  • Drastic reduction in post implementation support calls.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.

clients testimonials

"WTL showed a thorough understanding of TRL's needs especially the wider IT infrastructure to which the new system would interface. WTL worked very hard to meet delivery deadlines and were accommodating when these changed!" - Mohamed Ismail- Research Engineer, Toshiba Research
"One of the biggest factors in choosing WTL was their experience and professionalism which gave us the confidence that the job would be completed on time and to budget." - Pete Gain, Enterprise Technology Specialist, SAS UK
"WTL performed an audit of existing support contracts and cross referenced existing infrastructure to produce an asset registry at that point in time" - United Utilities