2 More Reasons to Choose Oracle Solutions

Choosing the right technology stack can mean the difference between strategic success or disappointing under-delivery. This is why expert industry analyses, like Gartner Magic Quadrant reports, are so important for enterprise buyers.

As the name implies, each Magic Quadrant report is divided into four sections to indicate the relative functionality and maturity of a product. The most sought-after rating is ‘Leader’, indicating that the solution being tested offers the perfect combination of factors – and stands out from most competing products.

Oracle achieves Leader status for Integration Platform as a Service

In the digitally-transformed, data-driven organisation, linking disparate platforms, applications and data stores is crucial. Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions, like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Integration services, are vital to providing this connection.

As machine learning and AI become central to operations, access to your data becomes even more important. As a result, iPaaS solutions will play a pivotal role in breaking down silos and simplifying data access and transfer between platforms.

Thanks to its ‘Completeness of Vision’ and ‘Ability to Execute’, OCI Integration services have been awarded the coveted ‘Leader’ status. This is an implicit recommendation from Gartner that IT buyers should seriously consider Oracle for their iPaaS needs.

Complements their Data Integration Tools Leader status

This new rating perfectly complements a similar classification last year when Oracle was awarded ‘Leader’ status for their Data Integration Tools. These tools allow businesses to meet the demands of their data consumers by facilitating access and delivery across a range of sources.

Taken in combination, OCI Integration services and Oracle Data Integration Tools should enable businesses to meet most of their data consumption requirements. Importantly, these tools span on-premise and cloud solutions, helping to dismantle many of the silos introduced by early hybrid cloud projects.

It’s worth pointing out that ‘Leader’ status is not a new achievement for Oracle. Gartner has recognised Oracle Data Integration Tools as a leader every year since 2008.

Any time, any place access

Timely access to accurate information is essential to smart, data-driven decision-making. And by choosing products from a ‘Leader’ in these fields will go a long way towards meeting that goal, by simplifying data access across multiple platforms.

As always, the technology itself is only part of the overall solution. Realising the maximum benefits of these Oracle solutions will require the knowledge and experience of a domain expert – like WTL. To learn more about why Oracle is a smart choice for your digital transformation platform, please give the WTL team a call.

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