Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, transforming business operations, driving efficiencies and opening up new business lines. However, technology advances are also available to cyber criminals and data breaches and attacks on corporate systems are increasingly common.

With many businesses unprepared to defend themselves properly against cyber attacks, there is a clear need for next-generation security solutions that will protect against all types of attack including malware, phishing attacks, ransomware or advanced persistent threats.

WTL offers a number of cyber security solutions which employ next-generation features such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure you remain one step ahead of the cyber criminals.

Protect your network against cybercrime.

Reduce complexity, identify vulnerabilities and safeguard your network for today and tomorrow with WTL cybersecurity solutions.

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Customers have the following options:

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is critical and identifies vulnerabilities or gaps in an organisation’s defences. WTL can run penetration testing exercises and provide follow up guidance on the best measures to plug any gaps.


Continuous Breach Detection

Continuous breach detection services provide real time threat intelligence to help organisations identify any leaked data, or potential issues with espionage or reputation damage..


Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS)

SOCaaS is a comprehensive monitoring solution, 24×7. Using advanced machine learning features, SOCaaS monitors the whole organisation for suspicious or potentially harmful activity, neutralising it before it can do any damage.


Emergency Response and Readiness Service

Giving you access to a pool of skilled resources to deploy in the event of an emergency. The service turns an incident response plan into a proactive programme that can be deployed remotely or on-site to reduce the impact of an incident.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Allowing you to benefit from C level information security advice and guidance on a part time, as required basis. The service will use frameworks to assess and analyse documents, policies and processes, to ensure compliance with regulation and legislation.


Let WTL protect your network against cyber attacks.
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