Embracing Hyper-Converged Architectures with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX

As speed becomes increasingly important, the proximity of data to compute power can help to reduce latency and improve performance. Hyper-converged architectures are emerging as a compelling alternative to traditional discrete storage solutions, especially when you realise that these technologies can accelerate the deployment of new capacity too.

By integrating server and storage functionalities into a single, cohesive building block, seamless scalability becomes a reality in terms of capacity and performance. You simply add more units as requirements grow. Fujitsu’s solution to this technological shift is its PRIMEFLEX family of integrated systems, that offer a streamlined approach to deploying hyper-converged infrastructures.

The Power of Hyper-Converged Infrastructures

Hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) consolidate storage, computing, and network resources into a single system, simplifying management and scaling. This architecture eliminates the need for separate storage networks and devices, reducing complexity and operational costs. HCIs are gaining traction thanks to their ability to enhance performance and capacity simultaneously.

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX: Integrated Systems for Modern Data Centres

The PRIMEFLEX family is a comprehensive range of pre-defined, pre-integrated, and pre-tested combinations of data centre components. Meticulously designed and tested to ensure seamless deployment and integration, Fujitsu’s HCI systems include servers, storage, network connectivity, and software. Using pre-assembled solutions, Fujitsu has eliminated the guesswork and extensive setup traditionally associated with data centre implementation.

Streamlined Deployment and Integration

One of the key advantages of Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX is the streamlined deployment process. Infrastructure design, component integration, and testing have already been completed before the project begins. In most cases, it is then simply a case of deploying the integrated system into the production environment and completing any final integration configurations.

With Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX, systems are up and running faster, significantly reducing deployment time and effort. Faster deployment allows businesses to quickly benefit from enhanced performance and capacity.

The PRIMEFLEX family provides tailored solutions for various hyper-converged infrastructure needs, such as PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN and PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct.


PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN simplifies the deployment of hyper-converged infrastructures based on the VMware HCI software stack. By integrating components like VMware vSphere and vSAN, customers can reduce infrastructure complexity and risk to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to a hyper-converged environment.

By leveraging VMware’s robust software capabilities, PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN delivers a high-performance, scalable, and resilient solution for modern data centres. Importantly, PRIMEFLEX introduces modularity to the virtualised environment, supporting accelerated growth as required.

PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct

Similarly, PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct offers a streamlined solution for deploying hyper-converged infrastructures based on Microsoft Windows Server. Through an integrated technology stack, businesses can harness the power of Microsoft’s OS and software, simplifying management and reducing the risks associated with deployment.

Scalable and cost-effective infrastructure that meets the demands of today’s dynamic workloads becomes a reality, as does risk reduction and simplified management.

Hyper-convergence for future success

As the demand for efficient, scalable, and easy-to-manage data centre solutions grows, hyper-converged architectures are set to play a pivotal role. Fujitsu’s PRIMEFLEX family of integrated systems offers a powerful and flexible approach to implementing these infrastructures, ensuring rapid deployment, reduced complexity, and enhanced performance.

Whether your business uses VMware or Microsoft technologies (or both), PRIMEFLEX solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern data centres. By embracing hyper-converged systems, you can stay ahead of the curve, optimising operations and driving innovation in an increasingly data-driven world. To learn more about hyper-converged systems from Fujitsu and how they could help your business towards its digital transformation, and data-driven goals, please get in touch.

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