Taking it to the edge: ESET Inspect

Two key factors determine the success of any IT security strategy – visibility and control. However, as the IT environment becomes progressively fragmented and distributed, these two factors are much harder to maintain. This is why an extended detection and response tool like ESET Inspect is increasingly important.

Complete visibility

As endpoints extend beyond the corporate firewall, device control gets weaker. With ESET Inspect, you can regain control of your devices wherever they are located. Indeed, with a cloud-based option, you can avoid many of the infrastructure headaches associated with building your own XDR delivery solution.

Root-cause analysis

Have you ever wondered why Barry in Accounts seems to attract more malware than anyone else in the company? Is he just unlucky, or are his computing habits particularly risky?

With XDR you can not only identify a problem remotely but also drill down into the root causes. This means that you can not only fix the problem but also provide Barry with the training he needs to better protect himself (and your data assets).

Get proactive

According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach 2023 report, it takes an average of 204 days before an organisation detects a cyber breach. That’s 204 days during which hackers can be exfiltrating data, causing operational disruption or stealing intellectual property.

ESET Insight provides threat-hunting tools that allow IT administrators to proactively search for potential issues. This means that they can identify and fix issues before they are exploited by criminals.

Automate to accelerate

With so many potential attack surfaces and incoming alerts, IT security administrators can become quickly overwhelmed – particularly when targeted by a coordinated attack. And even though most organisations already have an incident response plan in place, executing that plan can be time-consuming – every second wasted increases the potential negative effect on your systems.

Using tools that automate and orchestrate can shorten response times from hours to seconds, isolating suspicious systems and activity immediately. How much difference does acceleration through automation make? According to IBM’s report, approximately $1.76 million per incident.

Keeping employees safe (and on track)

Computer-savvy employees are known to try and circumvent company IT policies. There are many potential reasons for this, such as to improve productivity with unapproved tools or to waste corporate resources on personal interests. And when working remotely, it becomes even harder to enforce corporate policies.

ESET Insight allows you to detect violations of policies regarding the use

of specific software like torrent applications, cloud storage, Tor browsing or other unwanted applications. When a violation is detected, you can automate a response – alerting key stakeholders, terminating the application or even isolating the machine entirely.

Closing the knowledge gap

One other important aspect of ESET Inspect XDR is the way it includes decades’ worth of expert IT security knowledge. The tool comes pre-loaded with 800+ detection rules that can be applied out-of-the-box to improve security. With access to the ESET LiveGrid® Reputation system, you can accurately assess if executed processes are safe or suspicious.

ESET Inspect has the potential to be a game-changer for the modern, cloud-based business. To learn more, or to see a demo of the tool in action, please get in touch

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