5 reasons why you must consider the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Your business has committed its future to Oracle – but how do you ensure you maximise ROI and minimise TCO? One option is to deploy an Oracle Private Cloud Appliance which will help you achieve those goals – and more.

Here are five reasons why you must consider adopting an appliance for your next upgrade.

1. Faster deployment

The faster you can deploy a system, the more quickly you can begin realising a return on investment.

Containing infrastructure, virtualisation and management tools, the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is ready for immediate deployment. And because the appliance drops straight into your existing infrastructure, you can get your Oracle databases up and running – and generating revenue – faster than when using a best-of-breed custom hardware deployment.

2. Enhanced data portability

Many early cloud adopters have run into the same problem – vendor lock-in. The prohibitive cost and effort involved in moving data and applications between providers makes it almost impossible to leave.

The Oracle Appliance offers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compatible APIs and management tools as standard. These allow customers to move data on and off site to wherever it is needed.

3. Control Oracle licensing costs

The biggest strength of cloud platforms – usage billed elastic resources – is also one of the biggest pitfalls. Costs can quickly spiral without close oversight of license usage.

The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance uses trusted partitions and fixed VM shapes to contain resource usage within pre-defined boundaries. By reducing the number of software licenses required to run Oracle Database, the appliance helps you better manage costs.

4. Simplified management

Infrastructure complexity increases TCO because it requires more resources to manage.

The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is specifically designed to reduce complexity. The appliance has built-in full-stack management and patching functionality to accelerate application deployment. Importantly, these tools also reduce management overheads for the IT infrastructure team.

5. Fully integrated software

The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance contains everything you need to hit the ground running. The Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris operating systems, Oracle Cloud Native Environment, and KVM virtualization software offer all the tools you need to build game-changing applications. Plus the added benefit of being fully integrated for maximum performance and compatibility.

Factor in the bundled Oracle support contract and it’s easy to see where TCO reductions can be realised.

To learn more about the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and how it could help your business achieve its digital transformation goals faster, please give the WTL team a call – we’re always happy to help!

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