Five reasons to modernise your data centre with Oracle SPARC

It’s clear that technology is advancing at a rapid rate, expectations are growing and business processes are changing. CIOs need to modernise their infrastructure if they are going to keep up with the demands of a modern business. Modern apps and workloads need fast, agile, secure and scalable infrastructure if they are to run at an optimal rate.

But a modernisation project involves consideration and planning, for today, but also with a long-term path towards the cloud. Only by moving towards cloud services can businesses keep pace.

Oracle SPARC and Solaris infrastructure is secure, efficient and highly performing, both on premises and in the cloud. By implementing Oracle SPARC customers can meet the demands of their business today and into the future, when they inevitably move towards the cloud.

For Oracle database and application customers, Oracle SPARC infrastructure is absolutely optimised to get the best out of the software. Databases and applications run at maximum efficiency and performance levels, with enhanced security features that are not found with other infrastructure vendors.

All businesses have legacy systems somewhere in their organisation and most cannot afford to scrap these to buy new. By implementing a modern infrastructure platform in increments with Oracle SPARC servers you can support legacy applications and new applications at the same time, upgrading as and when budgets and timescales allow.

When Oracle SPARC servers and Oracle Solaris run together, they enable multiple layers of advanced security features to improve security levels across the whole infrastructure stack. Encryption for data at rest, in transit and in storage, application protection, access controls, automatic patching and compliance auditing are inherent in an integrated Oracle infrastructure stack. A recent research report by Thales Security and IDC: The Changing Face of Data Security 2019 Thales Data Threat Report, which surveyed 1,200 executives globally, with responsibility for IT and data security found that only 30% of its survey respondents are using encryption technology in their transformation projects. Oracle SPARC and Solaris builds that into its technology, making it ideal for businesses embarking on transformation projects.

Performance is a key driver in most business modernisation and transformation projects, and this is where an Oracle SPARC infrastructure comes into its own. Core and processor performance is high, but also specific features like Software in Silicon ensure faster enterprise apps too.

We talked about ensuring a clear path to the cloud, and Oracle SPARC does just that. The same infrastructure that can be deployed on premises now in SPARC servers is used in the Oracle Cloud, meaning any investment made now will not need to be made again when moving to the cloud. Moving a legacy infrastructure to the Oracle cloud is easy, by upgrading first to SPARC then seamlessly to the cloud, with no need to change applications again, no database downtime, no gaps in security, and no new management skills to learn.

Don’t let a fear of modernisation hold you back. Oracle SPARC can ease the transition from legacy to transformational and beyond, without huge investments and without compromising on performance or security.

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