Oracle ODA v19.22 ships. So what?

Oracle recently announced the release of ODA v19.22 for Oracle Database Appliances. As always, this raises the important question, ‘So what?’ This is what you need to know:

Oracle SE2 arrives on the X10 appliance

Perhaps the biggest development is the addition of Oracle Standard Edition 2 database support for ODA X10 appliances. This new feature allows SME users to take advantage of the power of Oracle Databases but using a charging model that is better suited to smaller budgets. 

With SE2 licensing, users are billed according to the number of CPU sockets in use, rather than CPU cores. 

Oracle Database 19c and 21c comes to ODA

Perhaps the biggest and most important development is that this latest update allows Oracle 19c and 21c databases to be provisioned on Oracle Database Appliances. Any organisation running a mix of Oracle databases will immediately benefit from simplified management. For everyone else, the latest update brings important security enhancements that better protect their data.

ODA OS upgrades to Oracle Linux 8

Another important enhancement is an update to the core operating system that powers the Oracle Database Appliance. Following patch application, upgraded ODAs will be running Oracle Linux 8 bringing additional security updates to better protect each appliance.

Supported appliances

ODA 19.22 can be installed on the following models 













To complete a direct upgrade, appliances must be running ODA or later. X10 appliances must be running ODA Appliance Manager version, 19.21 or higher.

Any issues with the update?

Oracle has confirmed four known issues with the update – although the 19.22 release notes currently list 19 potential issues. As always, installing OS and database patches must be approached with caution. If you do encounter an error during the upgrade process, contact Oracle or WTL for further advice.

If you’d simply like to know more about maximising your Oracle licenses or extracting the maximum value of Oracle Standard Edition 2 on Oracle Database Appliances, get in touch.

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