Why choose Solaris managed services from WTL?

IT managed services provide a way for your business to stretch its IT budget and ensure your systems deliver maximum benefits. When you partner with WTL for Solaris and Linux-managed service you can expect the following five benefits:

1. Increased operational efficiency

By optimising your Oracle Solaris/Linux systems for performance, WTL immediately helps you realise the maximum available benefits from your systems. Our experts work to ensure you can achieve more from existing investments, reducing TCO and improving ROI. And as systems perform better, so do your processes and people.

2. Reduced operating costs

Under-optimised systems create bottlenecks and delays that reduce efficiency and increase costs. WTL’s optimisation experts not only ensure your Oracle software has been optimised for efficiency, we will also help to reduce the amount of resources required to ‘keep the lights on’.

3. Enterprise-level support and services

Oracle and Linux skills are in high demand, creating a shortage of experienced engineers for your team. Worse still, supply and demand is pushing salaries ever upwards. With managed services from WTL, hiring skilled Linux / Solaris engineers is our problem; but we make sure you always have access to the right people, skills and experience you need to keep systems up and running.

4. Minimised downtime

Because of the importance of IT, uptime SLAs are typically measured to ‘five nines’ (99.999%). Downtime is expensive and to be avoided at all costs – but how can you meet your obligations when your IT team is already stretched to the limit? By optimising your systems, WTL can help to address many of the issues that cause system failures in advance. And our helpdesk team is available round the clock to help you quickly recover Oracle servers after unexpected failures or disasters.

5. Improved strategic focus

Although vital, keeping the lights on is a significant drain on available resources and budget – Gartner once estimated that as much as 80% of IT budgets are spent on maintaining existing infrastructure and assets. WTL managed services can help reduce some of that burden by taking over many routine maintenance and administration tasks. This then frees your internal team to focus on the strategic projects that will help your business achieve its strategic goals.

Contact us to learn more

WTL tailors managed services to your needs, ensuring you have the correct coverage to help your business meet its digital transformation goals. We work alongside your stakeholders to implement a plan that maximises value from your Oracle Solaris / Linux systems – and which will help carry your organisation forwards.

To learn more about Linux / Solaris managed services from WTL, please give us a call .

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