5 Reasons your SAN deployments should use NetApp

The storage area network (SAN) plays an integral role in operations, making the choice of underlying technology of strategic importance. The right SAN solutions will accelerate operations and create opportunities to develop new efficiencies.

So why should you choose NetApp technologies for your SAN?

1. The speed you need

The speed at which you can access data is increasingly important. Real-time operations are reliant on near zero latency to make split-second decisions. Built on NVMe over fiber channel, NetApp all flash storage reduces response times to just 100 microseconds; the AFF A800 SAN cluster is capable of delivering 8.4 million IOPS.

Performance gains will benefit any business, even those who do not use real time applications. At the most fundamental level, improving speed of access to data will allow you to better serve your customers.

2. Always-on data availability

Built to include fail-over and redundancy as standard, NetApp AFF SAN solutions maintain access to data during planned and unplanned events. Increased availability allows you to better plan and execute projects, such as upgrades and migrations, without affecting operations.

With always-on availability, your business is also better prepared to manage unexpected events, such as localised system failures or natural disasters.

3. Reliable infrastructure

NetApp AFF SAN is not only speedy and available – it is reliable too. You can trust your SAN to deliver consistently whenever you need it. Built in support for data protection, encryption and ultra-fast response times, makes NetApp a solid and reliable data platform on which to build for the future.

The NetApp SAN product range is also certified by major application vendors including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Certification guarantees an acceptable level of performance for your applications and databases when properly configured and optimised.

4. Super-fast provisioning

Cloud technologies have shown what is possible, spinning up resources when required to deliver a consistently high quality of service. With NetApp AFF arrays you can provision storage and apply quality of service objects in less than ten minutes, allowing you to meet your SLA obligations more easily.

In the age of DevOps and containerised microservices, ultrafast provisioning is an essential aspect of operations, allowing your business to spin up (or spin down) resources as demand changes.

5. Intelligent data positioning

NetApp’s FabricPool technology simplifies the process of positioning data for the optimal price – performance balance. For the highest performance requirements, data is stored locally on the NetApp AFF SAN. Lower priority information can be offloaded to cheaper storage in the cloud, or copied for data protection, analytics and archiving purposes. FabricPool makes it possible to move data between storage types seamlessly, automatically as priorities change.

NetApp SAN solutions are an excellent choice for any business. Performance, reliability and availability, coupled with cloud-ready connectivity, offer a platform that is suitable for virtually any workload or application.

To learn more about NetApp AFF SAN solutions and how they will help your business achieve more, please get in touch.

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