7 Excellent Reasons to Choose NetApp for Your Next All-Flash Arrays

Flash storage is now essential for mission-critical workloads that rely on low-latency data retrieval. All the major storage vendors offer their own All-Flash Arrays (AFA), so why should you choose NetApp?

1. Guaranteed best performance

Every microsecond counts for mission-critical applications, so you should choose the best performing flash storage available. NetApp AFAs deliver consistently low latency for the heaviest workloads – even when storage efficiency functions are enabled. Best of all, NetApp offers a vendor guarantee to back up these claims.

2. Greater efficiency

The more storage you own, the greater your operating and licensing costs; it makes sense to limit storage assets to your actual requirements then. NetApp AFAs are supplied with market-leading data reduction features to help you better contain the growth of your data estate. Deduplication, compression, compaction and snapshots can drive a 10x storage saving. Again, these features are covered by a unique vendor guarantee from NetApp.

3. Complete security

Data security and compliance are a hot topic for every business – and NetApp AFAs include tools to help you meet your responsibilities. These include application-consistent data protection, synchronous replication, built-in encryption WORM protection, multi-factor authentication (MFA), FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification, crypto shredding and more. Whatever your data protection obligations, NetApp will have a native solution to assist.

4. Future-proofing as standard

IT asset purchases need to have one eye on current requirements while the other is looking towards the future. Like other vendors, NetApp offers free controller upgrades to help you take advantage of newer technologies – but that’s not all. The NextCredit program increases your storage agility by allowing you to connect to the cloud and integrate data as part of your hybrid storage strategy – with no upfront costs.

5. Native application integration

Provisioning storage for specific applications can be a serious headache – particularly when you lack the relevant skills in house. NetApp AFAs offer native plug-ins for popular applications allowing you to provision and scale storage automatically. These include Oracle, Microsoft SQL, SAP, MySQL, MongoDB, IBM DB2 and VMWare.

6. Hybrid cloud out of the box

The modern IT estate uses a blend of cloud and on-premise storage to deliver cost-effective scalability and availability. NetApp AFA connects to more clouds than any other vendor solution so you can put the right data in the right place for the right cost. NetApp makes it simple to tier cold data to the cloud, backup to the cloud or unify management between cloud and your AFA arrays.

7. Cutting edge innovations

Adopting emerging technologies provides your business with a competitive edge. NetApp has a proven track record of first-to-market technologies including NVMe over Fabrics, 32GB fibre-channel and 100Gb ethernet. NetApp’s Data Fabric strategy ensures that these advances keep coming so that you have a continuously evolving platform on which to build your digitally transformed future.

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NetApp All-Flash Arrays have the potential to change your business now – and long into the future. To learn more about their place in your IT strategy and how they will help your business achieve more, please get in touch.

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