The return to the office – a personal view

Who knew we’d be continuing the remote working theme, some 15 weeks after the start! We’re all too aware of how time flies, but the relative ease of our transition to the ‘office at home’ environment, has made the best part of this last four months ‘business as usual’ here in WTL.

For some, the move has been seamless, however for others, it’s been fraught with making the best use of a shared space and probably awkward at best! So whilst all of the above is true, I for one will be looking forward to the return date and all the comforts of the office space that comes with its familiar corners nooks and crannies, to strategically place files, folders and documents, knowing they will still be there, a day, a week or a month after, without the annoying search for them, post an anonymous tidy up!!

Heading towards normality seems painfully slow, but missing the office banter, favourite mug, colleagues on tap for a quick response, are just a few of the benefits that will flood back amongst many others and make it all worthwhile sometime soon.

Fingers tightly crossed for there to be no second spike in the pandemic, is what we’re all hoping for and so we massively acknowledge the fantastic effort and bravery, of the key workers across all sectors of the health services, the vital food supply chain industries and related distribution networks that keep our world moving and thriving – we thank you and many more, without reservation.

There are so many pieces of the ‘jigsaw’ to mention every area, suffice to say that each individual, in every business, has an important part to play in some respect! Every person at WTL has another person relying on his or her function to make ends meet. This is no different whether small, medium, large or enterprise, someone will be relying on someone else, for a result to be a success. Keep up your spirits and morale for everyone’s sake, but looking after yourself, your own well-being and mental health is the first priority.

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