Save time and money with Oracle Linux Automation Manager

To meet changing stakeholder demands, IT environments must be flexible and scalable on demand. But as the IT estate expands, manual configuration and deployment are simply too slow (and error-prone) to keep pace. To introduce much-needed automation to infrastructure provisioning and management, Oracle offers Oracle Linux Automation Manager to Oracle Linux Premier Support customers.

What is Oracle Linux Automation Manager?

Oracle Linux Automation Manager provides a centralised web-based UI with reporting and control for IT infrastructure. The visual dashboard offers workflow automation, role-based access control, job scheduling, integrated notifications, and graphical inventory management.

What are the main benefits of Oracle Linux Automation Manager?

Automating your Oracle tech stack with Oracle Linux Automation Engine offers several significant features that will help your business save time and money and better manage resources.

Infrastructure as code

Creating pre-defined configurations with YAML files allows you to deploy fully provisioned infrastructure. You can automate common admin functions and reduce manual processes, accelerating your back-end operations.

Standardised configuration management

Using YAML definitions offers two important advantages. First, you can standardise your configurations in advance, helping to reduce variance in your estate. Second, Oracle Linux Automation Engine uses playbooks to enforce standardised configurations, preventing accidental and malicious drift.

Simplified stack management

The Oracle Linux Automation Manager and Engine can be used across the complete Oracle Linux tech stack. This allows you to preconfigure SELinux, firewalls, networking, and create new users, ready for future deployments. Similarly, you can install and configure applications such as web servers on inventories of hosts. And thanks to the automation tools, you can deploy again and again, whenever required.

Granular controls

Using the built-in inventory manager, it is possible to subdivide your infrastructure assets into logical groups of hosts. These groups can then be used as a basis for running individual modules or playbooks, automating deployment to multiple hosts simultaneously.

Extensible controls

The Oracle Linux Automation Engine control plane provides a helpful and intuitive graphical interface for performing the most common tasks. The system also ships with a command line interface (CLI) for power users, exposing even more configuration options. There is also a REST API available for programmatic interaction if your environment requires it.

How much does it cost?

The Oracle Linux Automation Manager and Engine is provided free of charge with an Oracle Linux Premier Support subscription. The subscription also includes technical support for the tools at no additional cost. As a result, it is a no-brainer for any business running an Oracle Linux tech stack, allowing them to quickly introduce automated infrastructure configuration and deployment as standard.

To learn more about the Oracle Linux Automation Engine and how it could help your business meet its infrastructure-on-demand goals, please give the WTL give us a call.

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