How MDR could help you regain control of your cybersecurity strategy?

Hybrid working and hybrid working have created a disjointed IT environment which lacks transparency. This operations model is a drain on resources – and a golden opportunity for cybercriminals.

Every application and endpoint presents a potential attack plane for malicious actors, so they all must be secured. However, traditional antivirus endpoint defences are no longer sufficient when hackers have switched to multi-vector attacks to circumvent them.

Time for Managed Detection and Response

Creating a unified response to multi-vector attacks relies on transparency, the ability to view and manage your entire estate through a single console. And this is where a solution like ESET MDR can assist.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides tools to secure all of your endpoints, regardless of location. And more than simply updating antivirus signatures, MDR also allows you to remotely assess and patch operating systems and applications.

Going beyond signatures

The threat of zero-day exploits is real – and potentially devastating. ESET MDR is underpinned by LiveGrid, an anonymous, secure network of more than 100 million endpoints. LiveGrid provides your security team with unique behaviour and and reputation-based detection that can detect and mitigate previously unknown threats.

ESET MDR has been built for the hybrid IT estate, offering protection against email­based attacks and malware in Microsoft 365 cloud applications. Similarly, a cloud-based sandbox allows you to execute submitted suspicious samples in an isolated hosted environment, to evaluate behaviour using threat intelligence feeds from LiveGrid. The sandbox approach allows your team to accurately assess risk without risking a ransomware infection in your production environment.

Taking the fight to the enemy

Managed Detection and Response tends to be a reactive process. But in the face of fast-evolving threats, your security team needs to adopt a proactive approach. Enter Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

ESET Inspect analyses vast amounts of data in real-time to identify potentially suspicious activity. Immediately, your security team is empowered to act faster and smarter. Using the intelligence supplied by ESET Inspect, they can begin the process of threat hunting, mitigating security issues more quickly, helping to reduce the overall impact of a breach.

Tightening access control

ESET MDR also offers tools to better secure your endpoints against compromise. ESET Full Disk Encryption protects data stored on your physical assets, particularly those being used off-site. Encryption can be enabled and disabled remotely, rendering data unrecoverable in the event of local compromise or theft.

And with ESET Secure Authentication you can finally eliminate passwords, replacing them with a reliable multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. A one-tap authentication tool allows you to control user access to VPN, RDP and Outlook access – even if your business already uses tokens and hardware keys.

Support when you need it

Knowing that security can be complex, ESET offers Premium Support Advanced. Available 24/7/365, ESET engineers are on hand to help your security team set up your ESET IT security products, right from their installation. This ensures that your installation is optimised for your environment – and that you are truly secure against known and emerging threats from the moment of deployment. To learn more about ESET MDR and how your business can strengthen its IT security posture in the face of emerging threats, please give us give us a call.

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