Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – the perfect cloud for the public sector

Due to the sensitive nature of government IT systems, cloud adoption remains a somewhat contentious topic in certain circles. But Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers five key advantages which can overcome many stakeholder concerns.

1. Bulletproof regulatory compliance

National governments have carefully defined frameworks to govern how data is protected in use, in transit and at rest. Naturally, these frameworks become more rigid and robust as sensitivity increases.

To address these requirements, Oracle has developed a government-focused version of OCI called Oracle Government Cloud. Government Cloud is engineered according to the highest security and compliance standards, tailored to the specifics of the government organisation at the national level. This has led to the deployment of Oracle US Government Cloud, Oracle US Defense Cloud, Oracle UK Government and Defence Cloud, and Oracle Australian Government and Defence Cloud with each variant pre-configured for maximum compliance.

Importantly, any application or service deployed with Oracle Government Cloud can take advantage of ‘native’ compliance with all relevant frameworks.

2. Data centre proximity

In this current period of geopolitical instability, data sovereignty takes on greater significance. Sensitive data must be hosted domestically to reduce risk and ensure complete control over government systems.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers 46 public cloud locations globally, ensuring government clients can maintain complete sovereignty at all times. As a bonus, localised data centre proximity also improves application performance.

3. Oracle’s ‘Everything Everywhere’ promise

Rather than re-engineer existing systems for the cloud, OCI offers the same features as your government clients already use on-premises. This means you can migrate operations to the cloud (and back again) with minimal disruption or additional cost. Which is an incredibly powerful argument when discussing risk.

4. Industry-leading pricing

Data ingress and egress charges remain the dirty secret of cloud computing, dramatically increasing running costs. OCI takes a slightly different approach; all data ingress is free – as is the first 10TB of outbound data. Over and above these thresholds, pricing is fiercely competitive – a sample workload with 50TB of monthly egress is approximately 90% cheaper than other cloud providers. And that’s before you try to quantify the benefits of ‘Everything Everywhere’.

5. No price uplifts

Customers may expect to pay a premium for the enhanced security and compliance features of Oracle Government Cloud – but they won’t. Oracle charges the same rates for Government Cloud as they do for vanilla OCI deployments. This means that your customers will realise a greater return on cloud investment than they expect.

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Designed specifically for the strict requirements of the government sector, Oracle Government Cloud gives your customers the compliance and regulatory protections they need. Better yet, these safeguards are included at no extra charge – and may have a significantly lower total cost of ownership than other cloud alternatives.

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