Why choose Oracle Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Cloud infrastructure offers many benefits – including choice. You can choose products, services and configurations that accelerate and optimise your applications – without massive capital investment. So why would you choose Oracle Linux running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? Here are seven great reasons:

1. OS support at no extra cost

Your choice of operating system can incur two additional costs that must be considered. First, there is the licence cost which may (or may not) apply. Second, there is the cost of supporting the operating system.

Oracle Linux on OCI includes Premier Support at no extra cost. This means that you can cap your cloud costs without compromising support coverage. You have access to Oracle Linux specialists who can assist with any technical query or issue.

2. Automated OS maintenance

Patching your operating system is an essential safeguard against cybercrime and data loss. However, planning and deploying patches and updates is resource-intensive, pulling people away from other strategic activities. Patching cannot wait until you have enough people available either – every second that you delay increases the risk of vulnerabilities being exploited.

With Oracle Autonomous Linux and the Oracle OS Management service, patching and package management is performed automatically. Your systems are automatically updated as new fixes become available to enhance security and increase reliability.

3. Regularly updated OS

Oracle Linux OS is undergoing constant refinement and improvement – and all of these updates are available as part of your subscription. Each image update includes the latest bug fixes and security errata – yours to download and use the moment they are released.

4. Accelerated downloads at lower cost

Operating system updates are available even faster with OCI. Each update can be downloaded from your local region Oracle Container Registry and Oracle Linux yum server. This close geographic proximity accelerates downloads, further reducing the risk of vulnerabilities being exploited.

Importantly, security downloads within local regions incur no network charges, further reducing the cost of your cloud operations.

5. Zero-downtime OS updates

An integral aspect of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the Ksplice service is constantly running in the background, monitoring kernel status. When an update is released, Ksplice can download and install OS kernel updates on your infrastructure automatically and silently with zero downtime.

6. Future-ready infrastructure

Containers and microservices are the future of cloud-based computing – so you want to choose a provider who can support them. OCI already includes comprehensive containers and container management support, giving your developers the platform they need and reducing support overheads.

7. Enhanced developer experience

Simplifying pre-development tasks allows developers to focus more of their time and resources on actual development work. For this reason, Oracle provides a suite of cloud-ready, integrated platform images and tools that developers can use as starting points for their projects.

And by cutting out much of the pre-work work, you can bring new products to market faster than ever.

The best news is that every business realises its their own benefits from using Oracle Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. To learn more about what your organisation could gain from this tech stack, please get in touch.

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