Oracle Linux – A Linux OS Designed For A Hybrid Cloud

There are hundreds of Linux distributions to choose from, but not all are created equal. When it comes to enterprise deployments you need a distro that is secure, reliable and performant – particularly in a hybrid cloud scenario.

So why should Oracle Linux be at the top of your shortlist?

Cloud-native technology built in as standard

Oracle Linux has been built with cloud operations from the outset. Support for Kubernetes and container orchestration is included with the kernel. This allows your business to build modern cloud-ready applications and run them locally, in the cloud or across a combination of both according to your needs and preferences.

Indeed, Oracle is the only vendor to offer a complete technology stack to accompany their Linux distribution – applications, middleware, database, management tools, operating system, virtualisation, hardware, engineered systems, and cloud.

Enterprise-class support available

Oracle offer a selection of flexible support contracts to cover any combination of Oracle Linux instances. As well as ensuring access to product support experts in the event of a problem, you also benefit from advanced tools to help better manage your hybrid cloud operating environment. You can run line-of-business applications on Oracle Linux safe knowing that you have sufficient resources available to assist whenever required.

Importantly, Oracle Support for tends to be cheaper and more cost-effective than other competing enterprise-class services too. This is particularly true when you consider that physical and virtual installations are treated the same, simplifying your support subscription.

Oracle uses Oracle Linux

One of the best tests of a product is whether the vendor uses it. Oracle develops all of their products and services on Oracle Linux giving them a deep insight into demanding enterprise workloads. Their efforts to improve reliability, security, scalability and performance in-house are then rolled into each OS upgrade for the benefit of all of their customers too.

Multicloud support

The modern hybrid cloud operating environment is increasingly complex, often relying on services from more than one vendor. In recognition of this fact, Oracle Linux is available for both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure – in addition to Oracle Engineered Cloud.

By offering multi-cloud support, your business can build Linux-based applications and services with confidence, knowing that they will run anywhere without any reconfiguration or redevelopment. Any on-premise development will continue to deliver even after it is migrated entirely to the cloud.

It’s time to learn more

Few operating systems can come close to Oracle Linux in terms of enterprise performance, security, functionality and cost. And the cloud-ready nature of the distro makes it a natural choice for hybrid cloud operations.

To learn more about Oracle Linux and why it is the perfect OS for enterprise workloads anywhere (including hybrid cloud), please give the WTL team a call

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