Oracle on Oracle, the solution to ultimate database performance

Designing a future-ready infrastructure will require a careful balance of hardware, infrastructure and connectivity. This is particularly true when dealing with the increased volume of data generated by IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, social media and other sources.

To ensure optimal database performance – and to reduce management overheads – it may be preferable to consolidate around a specific technology stack. Oracle has created a range of products that automate database, storage and network component provisioning but even this functionality is unlikely to fully cope with the future of your data.

Increasing database autonomy

Databases sit at the heart of digital transformation efforts, so they must perform optimally. This is particularly true as you move towards real-time computing and processes that require split-second access to information.

With the advent of cloud technologies, the issue of “infinite” capacity has been resolved. But the choice of technology will define whether your database can take full advantage of that capability.

Using Oracle systems on Oracle cloud introduces a high degree of autonomy into your environment. As well as scaling in line with data growth, the system using machine learning to automate many common administrative tasks. The database engine can apply security patches, address node failures (self-healing) and assign additional compute resources when required.

Transformational autonomy

With the Oracle database platform carrying out administrative tasks unattended, your business has an opportunity to divert resources and funds into other strategic processes. Using a single technology stack – Oracle – means that the platform can self-optimise and deliver better performance and cost control than similar database engines running on vanilla AWS cloud.

As operations accelerate, the role of DBA will also change. Rather than simply maintaining the database, responsibilities will become more closely aligned with wider business strategy.

What does Oracle on Oracle offer?

Oracle is unique in that they are the only provider to offer IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in a second-generation cloud platform. This means that complex enterprise-class applications can be deployed in a single technology stack, immediately reducing the latency inherent in multi-platform systems.

Importantly, Oracle cloud is optimised specifically for Oracle workloads. Existing Oracle users can take advantage of the bundled tools to simplify migration from on-premise installations to the cloud.

These modest performance gains will help to accelerate processes, reduce costs – and even deliver advantages over competitors who do not use the same Oracle on Oracle stack. And by avoiding AWS, firms running Oracle databases will realise a 66% cost reduction, freeing funds for investment in other strategic projects.

Every detail of the Oracle cloud platform is fully optimised for Oracle database operations – and the use of autonomous technologies throughout ensures that systems continue to deliver ongoing performance improvements.

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