The Oracle-on-Oracle advantage – stay on top of your game

Faced with demands to demonstrate an immediate return on investment, the lure of generic hardware can be irresistible. Cheaper at the point of purchase, it is relatively easy to demonstrate an immediate saving when deploying white box servers.

Over the longer term, however, those savings rapidly dwindle to almost nothing. The hardware, itself is usually perfectly robust and reliable, but it is not fully optimised for your Oracle database technology stack. Which means that you are losing out on the performance and efficiency gains of systems offered by Oracle’s own server solutions.

Because unlike generic servers, Oracle-on-Oracle Engineered Systems have been designed and optimised for a single specific task – maximising Oracle database performance.

The Oracle Exadata range

For enterprise-class organisations, the Exadata platform is a game-changer. Offering persistent memory and RDMA over converged ethernet (RoCA), Exadata servers are unique, offering performance gains that simply cannot be matched by a generic alternative.

The Exadata platform has been designed and developed alongside the Oracle Database engine to reduce latency and increase performance. The entire technology stack – software, compute, networking and storage – is tailored towards delivering unrivalled database efficiency.

The use of cutting-edge persistent memory and RoCE technologies reduces IO latency by up to 10x and improves performance by 2.5x. When dealing with millions of database transactions per day, these improvements quickly convert into measurable returns – more output, reduced operating costs, increased turnover and profits etc.

The Exadata platform also offers improved future-proofing capabilities. Systems can be deployed on-premise, in your own private cloud environment, or in the Oracle Cloud proper. With the added benefit of capacity-on-demand software licensing and pay-as-you-grow scalability, you can contain costs without limiting growth when required.

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

Oracle Engineered Systems offer similar benefits for midmarket deployments. Oracle Database Appliance products provide significant performance benefits, optimised for single-instance Oracle databases. Fully integrated, the appliances pre-configure software, compute, networking and storage into a completely integrated package.

This bundled approach helps to reduce costs and accelerate deployments to lower total cost of ownership. According to Oracle, their Database Appliance range is the simplest, lowest-cost turnkey X86 database system available today. One customer reports generating 498% ROI over five years and a 54% reduction in operating costs .

Although designed for midmarket organisations, the ODA family offers enterprise-class features. Built-in automation helps to streamline storage configuration and database provisioning. And flexible licensing options allow you to scale usage up and down in line with demand without limiting availability or performance. Importantly, these appliances also offer Oracle Cloud connectivity, so you can easily move workloads offsite as and when required.

The smart choice

When compared to the performance, availability and scalability offered by Oracle Engineered Solutions, the false economies of generic storage and servers are obvious. With products designed for both midmarket and enterprise-class organisations, there is a viable solution for most businesses, allowing them to unleash the full power of their Oracle databases and information.

To learn more about the Oracle-on-Oracle advantage and the beneifts of Oracle Engineered Solutions and which is the best choice for your business, please get in touch.

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