Unleash the power of your data with Oracle on NetApp all-flash

NetApp and Oracle have worked together for more than a decade to develop next-generation solutions for their clients. But what are the actual benefits of running Oracle workloads on NetApp all-flash systems?

1. Increase speed of innovation

Speed of business and your ability to adapt to change is at the heart of successful digital transformation. Modernising infrastructure with all-flash NetApp systems can accelerate project delivery by as much as 30% over traditional disk-based storage.

This performance gain can be used in several ways. Your business could shorten development times using NetApp FlexClone to clone large volumes for testing and development in seconds without consuming vast amounts of available storage. Or you could use ONTAP to scale workloads seamlessly as your demands change.

NetApp provides a range of tools and technologies to help you do more with your Oracle workloads.

2. Provide a consistent customer experience

Customers now prioritise the quality of service over almost any other factor when making a purchase. Customer service consistency is, therefore, a strategic priority.

NetApp AFS arrays deliver up to one million IOPS with a latency of just 100 milliseconds. These speeds dramatically reduce application response times, so that your employees can retrieve and use data more quickly.

NetApp systems also offer 99.9999% availability, ensuring that your Oracle databases are online 24/7 for both internal and customer-facing operations. Factor in NetApp’s automated node recovery functionality and you have a robust, high-performing platform that allows you to deliver on customer demands.

3. Simplify operations and lower TCO

Oracle databases are complex and expensive to operate. To reduce the total cost of ownership – and to improve return on investment – your business needs to simplify management and maintenance of the database environment.

One of the key goals of the Oracle – NetApp partnership has always been to reduce TCO. Solutions built on NetApp all-flash storage arrays can streamline operations to deliver 90% time and effort savings over existing systems. NetApp technologies like Active IQ monitor usage to accurately predict your future capacity requirements; these accurate, automated calculations ensure that you never under- or over-provision, to prevent unnecessary hardware spend.

In the cloud or on-premises, NetApp offers the lowest £/Mbps for all-flash arrays. Which makes NetApp storage hardware a smarter choice for your Oracle workloads than other vendors.

Ready to learn more about running Oracle workloads on NetApp all-flash arrays? Give the WTL team a call today and we’ll help you understand exactly what your business can achieve.


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