Why You Should Be Running Your Oracle Applications On NetApp

When choosing high-performance hardware to host Oracle databases there are dozens of options – so why choose to run your Oracle applications on NetApp? Here are three compelling reasons why NetApp stands out from the crowd.

1. Easy and fast

NetApp hardware has been built with the cloud in mind. Extensive Ansible and Kubernetes integration allow for advanced infrastructure automation. And thanks to native cloud support, you can scale in any direction – on-premise or into the cloud. Similarly, you can move your Oracle database in any direction to take advantage of the environment that best suits your needs.

This scalability is complemented by lightning-fast infrastructure speed powered by all-flash arrays. You can provision a database in just 44 seconds – and reduce time to market by 30%. NetApp takes speed and turns it into a measurable business benefit.

2. Consolidation potential

NetApp hardware presents as a single, seamless platform using the ONTAP management software for ultimate visibility. Lacking this level of integration, other platforms exacerbate the problem of data silos.

As a single platform, you can consolidate workloads with policy-based quality of service to ensure optimised performance. Indeed, consolidation can help to reduce hardware requirements, shrinking footprint by increasing the amount of physical storage you can squeeze into each rack. Power consumption drops by up to 15 times, providing cost savings during the current energy crisis and an opportunity to improve the sustainability credentials of your data centre – and business.

In fact, NetApp can reduce the overall costs of your Oracle database storage by up to 60%.

3. Security and availability as standard

The seamless transition between on-premise and cloud simplifies data transfer, allowing for the easy creation of a zero-data-loss solution. When deployed and configured correctly, NetApp has been proven to deliver 99.9999% availability. And as you would expect from a zero-loss solution, storage fails over automatically in the event of a disruption, ensuring your Oracle database is always available and that you can meet your SLAs.

Scalability and availability combine to provide exceptional agility. Data can be backed up and restored in a matter of seconds – even your petabyte-scale databases. And thanks to the always-on nature of all-flash arrays, upgrades and maintenance can be performed while the storage system stays online to deliver zero downtime.

A smarter all-round choice

Not all high-availability storage is the same – particularly when hosting your mission-critical Oracle databases. By providing a seamless, cloud-ready platform, NetApp is streets ahead of the competition, offering exceptional performance, scalability, availability and resilience – and an opportunity to reduce running costs without compromising the performance of your databases.

To learn more about the opportunities provided by running your Oracle applications on NetApp all-flash arrays and how they could help your business meet its strategic goals, please give us a call.

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