5 (More) Reasons to Choose Oracle Cloud

Despite not being the most popular hosted platform, Oracle Cloud offers some significant benefits to users. The first article in this series outlined five reasons why you should seriously consider making Oracle your platform of choice – and why your competitors are missing out by ignoring it.

But as you might expect, there are more than just five reasons to choose Oracle Cloud. So, here are five more to consider:

1. Cost-optimised platform

Hosted infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS) and software (SaaS) are billed on a pay-as-you-use basis. So, the more storage or CPU cycles you use, the higher your monthly bill.

Thanks to the infinite scalability of the cloud, you dynamically add resources as they are required, and scale back as demand falls. However, the Oracle cloud typically requires fewer compute servers and block-storage volumes to perform the same tasks – so you achieve the maximum price: performance ratio and save money at the same time.

And thanks to a financially backed, end-to-end SLA, you will also receive compensation if performance is ever impaired.

2. AWS-beating performance

AWS is the most popular cloud platform – but that doesn’t make it the best. Having been designed from scratch to support Oracle databases, the Oracle Cloud is not only 66% faster, but also up to 65% cheaper.

And remember – AWS does not offer native support for Oracle RAC, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse or Autonomous Transaction Processing. Less than ideal if your business operations are reliant on Oracle databases.

3. Enterprise power for SMBs

Oracle’s product line is synonymous with enterprise computing, but the cloud is making the same enormous computing power available to SMBs. With scalability as standard, you can expand application development and adoption as the business grows without sacrificing performance or breaking the budget.

4. Microsoft expansion options

AWS tries to tie users into the Amazon ecosystem, making inter-operability time consuming and difficult. But your business almost certainly relies on a best-of-breed collection of systems from multiple vendors.

In recognition of this reality, Oracle and Microsoft have developed a cloud interoperability partnership. This allows customers to use both Oracle and Azure cloud platforms to build a new hosted best-of-breed platform that leverages the unique benefits of each. And cross-cloud interconnect ensures you can move your data wherever you need it without creating a serious technical headache.

5. Your apps, your way

Building a platform for the future requires maximum flexibility and control. By offering a fully integrated application development platform you can build the applications your business needs.

Oracle AppDev has been designed to support your DevOps strategy and to accelerate development and delivery. And with support for containers and cloud-native applications, you can unleash the full power of the cloud for your systems.

Building for the future

The Oracle Cloud may have a smaller user base, but this creates an opportunity for Oracle database users. Faster and cheaper than AWS, with greater flexibility and inter-operability, if you choose Oracle Cloud allows you to build a platform that accelerates the speed of your business -and to build the data-driven applications you really need.

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