Not all cloud services are equal – 5 reasons to choose Oracle

Billed as the ultimate flexible IT infrastructure, cloud services should be a completely vanilla platform. In theory, there should be almost nothing but price, service and data centre location to differentiate between services.

The truth is that not all cloud services are created equal. Amazon Web Services may be the industry leader in terms of sales volume, but that doesn’t make it the ideal choice for every application. This is particularly true for Oracle database users.

Here are five reasons why you should choose Oracle cloud for your next hosted infrastructure project.

1. Optimised for Oracle workloads

Your Oracle applications can (in theory) run on any of the available cloud services platforms. But unless you choose Oracle cloud, it will never run optimally. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has been designed from the ground up for Oracle customers, ensuring that hardware, OS and software work together in harmony for maximum performance.

With support for Oracle databases of up to 40 terabytes, you can recognise the full potential of cloud scalability. Using 51.2TB NVMe instances (the largest available from any provider), you can support millions of I/O operations per second for the most demanding applications. And Oracle Cloud Infrastructure clustering enables near-instantaneous fail-over for high availability operations.

2. A completely integrated technology stack

Oracle remains the only provider to offer a complete technology stack that includes IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Bare metal servers, operating systems and enterprise-class databases and applications work in sync to deliver a true Oracle experience.

By adopting what they call a “second-generation” approach to cloud services, Oracle cloud is faster and more predictable. And because your team is already familiar with the Oracle technology stack, you’ll find it easier to control your costs too.

3. Oracle technology for an Oracle future

“First-generation” cloud platforms are marked by the piecemeal way in which services are developed and integrated. Most began as a vanilla platform, only adding security functionality and migration tools as the need arose. This means that customers using first-generation services often need to re-engineer their systems as the underlying platform evolves.

Oracle’s second-generation design approach means that core-to-edge security, governance and performance have all been built-in from the start. Oracle customers have everything they need to build future-ready applications now – and avoid additional re-engineering overheads.

4. Security by design

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure addresses many of the challenges associated with multi-tenant platforms with core-to-edge protections including customer isolation, data security, internal-threat detection, and highly automated threat remediation. Your data is completely isolated from other Oracle customers to ensure you meet your regulatory and moral obligations to customers and employees.

External attacks are mitigated with layers of defence including built-in firewalls, DDoS and encryption to detect and block incoming threats. You also have the option to overlay adaptive and/or multi-factor authentication to protect trusted user credentials.

5. Simplified migration

Optimising your applications for the cloud may require significant redevelopment to avoid spiralling pay-as-you-use costs. But because Oracle Cloud Infrastructure uses an almost identical code base and technology to your existing on-premises systems, there is virtually no re-coding or re-engineering required at all.

This offers several benefits. First, your DevOps team are already familiar with the environment, helping to reduce and shorten the learning curve. Second, the time to deployment is reduced, allowing you to make the move to the cloud more quickly. Third, you can begin cloud-based operations more quickly, reducing time to ROI.

Saving time and money

For existing Oracle database customers, choosing Oracle cloud is a no-brainer. Reduced deployment costs, optimised application and database performance and a future-ready platform will help your business reach its strategic goals faster.

These are just 5 reasons to choose Oracle Cloud. In our next blog , we focus on five more reasons why if you are running Oracle – Oracle Cloud should be your platform of choice.

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