5 Reasons Why NetApp is the Perfect Platform for Oracle

Choice of infrastructure will have a massive impact on the performance of your Oracle estate – and the repercussions of that choice could last many years. So, as you consider the various options available, here are five ways NetApp will turbo-charge your operations.

1. Unlimited flexibility

Many vendors use inflexibility to lock customers into their ecosystem. And even though hybrid cloud computing is the new norm, some still try to tie their customers to on-premise or on-cloud only.

NetApp takes a different approach allowing you to choose the best of both and to move data seamlessly between your on-premise data centre and any public or private cloud of your choice. This limitless flexibility ensures you can build a platform that perfectly balances performance, scalability and cost.

2. Remarkable performance gains

Underperformance is likely to be one of the motivating factors behind your decision to upgrade infrastructure, but the wrong choice now could limit potential gains. According to NetApp, customers can boost performance by up to 20 times (20,000%!) with the right hardware choices.

Importantly, these gains can be realised on existing applications too, maximising the value of your new infrastructure investment and reducing TCO of legacy apps.

3. Accelerated development

Infrastructure performance also has a significant effect on development cycles. The slower things get, the longer it takes to provision resources and copy data, forcing the dev team to wait.

NetApp offers a range of innovative features, like parallel copies and backups, that can prepare a full development environment – including data – in just 15 minutes.

4. Reduced TCO

As your IT estate expands, so does the total cost of ownership (TCO). More hardware directly equates to increased capital and operational spending.

With innovative deduplication and compression technologies, along with seamless transfer to the cloud, NetApp can help streamline physical hardware assets. This functionality results in time and effort savings of up to 90%, immediately reducing TCO against existing solutions.

5. Infinite scalability

The wrong infrastructure can leave your business stuck with poorly performing hardware and reduces options for growth as your needs change. Change is inevitable – and you must have Oracle infrastructure to support it.

With NetApp, you benefit from limitless scalability, both on-premise and in the cloud. More than just increasing capacity, NetApp hardware allows you to take advantage of new technologies like NVMe and AI to further increase the functionality and longevity of your Oracle infrastructure investment/.

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Choosing NetApp for your Oracle infrastructure makes sense. Not only is it cost-effective, but your business benefits from cumulative savings and reduced TCO over the long term.

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