Another 5 Reasons Why You Need Managed IT Services

Managed IT services used to be reserved for big-spending blue-chip multinationals. But as the world goes increasingly cloud-enabled, any business can begin outsourcing at least some of their operations – and reaping the benefits of doing so.

Here are five more great reasons why you need managed IT services:

1. Zero capital outlay

Staffing remains one of your biggest operating costs – and in-demand IT skills entail salary premiums. Adopting the new technologies required to drive digital transformation requires the right skills and experience for successful implementation and operation – and usually means hiring new talent at a significant cost.

With IT-managed services, those costs are borne by the provider. So you get the skills and experience you need from day one without any additional capital outlay.

2. Converged services

The cloud has accelerated development and increased operational agility – but it has also led to infrastructure sprawl and complexity. The pay-as-you-use resource billing model ensures you never pay for unused capacity, but those savings are squandered if the environment becomes harder and more resource-intensive to manage.

IT-managed services can help to bring your infrastructure back under control, migrating and converging services to reduce complexity, simplify administration and reduce operating costs.

3. Future-proof services

Cutting-edge skills are important for not only starting your project in the right way, but also for ensuring it continues in the right direction. Starting a digital transformation program incorrectly will mean incurring technical debt from the outset.

Again, the expertise and experience of an IT managed services provider (IT MSP) ensure that the project begins with future-proofing as one of the guiding principles. And because they are expected to stay abreast of the latest technologies, they can also advise on how best to invest and upgrade for future success.

4. Streamlined operations

Dealing with multiple vendors, particularly during an IT disruption, can be slow and frustrating. Bouncing between support engineers to resolve issues seems to take far longer than it should.

With an IT MSP, you have a single point of contact for any issue or query. Depending on the type of agreement in place, your MSP will then see the issue through to completion themselves or become the coordinator where several parties need to be involved. This centralisation makes everything simpler and quicker for your business.

5. Increased capacity for innovation

“Keeping the lights on” is essential for ensuring operations continue undisrupted – but these low-level tasks also draw important resources away from the strategic projects that will help your business grow.

An MSP can provide people and resources that ensure that operations continue smoothly, freeing up people for other digital transformation tasks. In effect, you can increase headcount – without increasing headcount – to ensure you have everything you need to reach your strategic goals.

Ready to learn more?

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