Cost savings and benefits enabled by an IT resilience platform

The always-on nature of modern business means that the cost of downtime has increased exponentially in recent years. The need to restore operations quickly and the complexity of the modern hybrid computing environment means that traditional backup mechanisms are unable to keep pace.

IT resilience platforms like Zerto overcome these shortcomings, allowing businesses to better protect their operations from failure – and to recover quickly in the event of an outage. Indeed, the benefits of IT resilience platforms are substantial.

Reducing downtime and outage costs

Even in a 99.999% uptime environment, downtime is still a reality. Forrester Research estimates costs of more than £7000 every hour that systems are down – including planned maintenance. Avoiding unplanned downtime is vital – as is reducing the window of time required for planned maintenance.

According to the same Forrester report, the Zerto IT resilience plan delivers savings of £1.8m on unplanned downtime during the first three years after implementation. This is in addition to a further £695k saving realised by simplifying the process of deploying upgrades, patches and migrations.

Consolidate DR and backup tools

Zerto offers a chance to consolidate numerous operations management tools – backup, disaster recovery, staging, deployment etc – into a single application. This consolidation reduces application purchasing, licensing and maintenance fees – by more than £560k.

Simplify disaster recovery and backup operations

Disaster recovery and backup routines are only as good as the testing that ensures everything is working correctly. Although vital, these tests can be time and resource intensive, consuming budget that could be better spent on strategic projects.

The Zerto IT resilience platform streamlines many routine backup/DR operations, simplifying the testing process and reducing the burden on the IT team.

Streamline technology migrations

Technology migrations are a major undertaking, usually involving many months of planning, testing and staggered rollouts. An IT resilience platform can help to simplify the migration process, particularly when using cloud services.

Zerto has been shown to achieve no data loss and near-zero recovery point objectives using change-block tracking during the move.


The Zerto IT resilience platform improves the data security of your business and allows your team to be more productive through automation. With deeper insights comes greater control, allowing your IT to flex and adapt as business needs change.

Zerto also offers significant cost savings. In total, Forrester calculate an average ROI of 279% realised over three years. This represents a sizeable proportion of IT budget that can be reclaimed for investment in other strategic projects. And with the power and reliability of continuous data protection, Zerto makes it easier for your business to embrace the fail-faster AGILE model – without concerns about the impact testing and development has on operations.

To learn more about continuous data protection, IT resilience platforms and what Zerto can do for your business, please get in touch.

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