Three ways your Office 365 data is at risk – and one solution to them all

Office 365 remains the world’s most popular productivity platform for several reasons. As well as providing the tools required to complete most basic productivity tasks, the subscription model helps businesses better manage their capital spend. And because files and documents are synced to the cloud, Office 365 offers some degree of improved resilience.

But there are still three ways in which your Office 365 service is as risk.

Threat 1: Ransomware

Ransomware continues to grow in popularity with cybercriminals because it works. Infecting a victim’s computer and encrypting their files is a superb way to get their attention. Demanding a ransom in untraceable digital currency in order to obtain the decryption keys is highly effective – and profitable.

In the event that computers within your network are successfully attacked by malware, your Office 365 data is at risk. As documents are encrypted, those changes are synchronised to the cloud, overwriting good data with bad.

Threat 2: Insider Threats

Every IT manager’s worst nightmare is the disgruntled employee. Whether they go out with a bang or wage a long-term guerrilla campaign, these individuals have the potential to cause lasting damage to the business.

Without add-on protections, users can delete important files and emails locally and in the Office 365 cloud. If their actions are not discovered for some time, the missing data may not be recoverable – particularly as Office 365 only retains backups for 30 days.

Threat 3: Accidents

A careless click here, a mis-key there. Deleting and overwriting emails and files is so simple, we’ve all done it before. And with every change automatically synced locally and to the cloud, the mistake is also replicated.

But the damage can be just as severe as malware or malicious activity if it goes unnoticed. Again, the 30 day ‘grace’ period provided with Office 365 deleted files may not be enough.

Cloud-based backup for your cloud-based Office 365 data

WTL offers a solution designed to counter all three of these risks. Our Secure Cloud Backup for Office 365 solution uses Veeam replication technologies to copy your files and emails to our secure cloud space automatically.

Just like any other ‘true’ backup solution, Secure Cloud Backup for Office 365 offers incremental backups that can be stored for months or years. So if data is deleted or corrupted, you can recover files long after the 30-day limit imposed by Microsoft.

Secure Cloud Backup for Office 365 also offers a range of recovery options according to your strategic needs. Take Exchange for instance – you can restore deleted mailbox data, export a mailbox for reimport as a PST, save specific messages as MSG files or forward emails as attachments to another address.

Flexible options allow you to increase the accuracy and speed of recovery – and minimise the impact of Office 365 (temporary) data loss. For more information about Secure Cloud Backup for Office 365, please get in touch.

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