How NetApp became a vital part of your public cloud strategy

As businesses look to balance current resource demands with strategic growth plans, hybrid cloud offers a useful platform for both. Now research from IDC suggests that NetApp is a critical enabler of hybrid cloud strategies – and you should seriously consider these technologies for your projects.

Leading the way with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

NetApp’s flagship ONTAP technology has been instrumental in helping existing customers embrace the public cloud. Using the same familiar interfaces and tools, ONTAP users can quickly and easily manage workloads in any location – including the cloud.

ONTAP is now available on all the major platforms – AWS, Azure and Google Cloud – allowing users to expand into the public cloud within a matter of minutes.

And for non-NetApp users?

NetApp has continued to develop tools to assist businesses with their strategic cloud tools – including those who are not currently customers. NetApp Cloud Volume Service is a fully managed file storage service that accelerates the journey to the cloud and helps users maximise value from their hosted investments.

With the Cloud Volume Service subscribers can get started immediately; there is no need to own any other NetApp products or services. They still benefit from the same file storage technologies, but with the added benefit of expert management.

Azure users have an additional benefit – the Cloud Volume Service can be purchased from Microsoft direct as a native service This reduces the number of contracts and suppliers you need to deal with, further lowering TCO.

But why NetApp?

This all sounds great in principle – but why has IDC singled out NetApp specifically? Two major reasons – flexibility and future-proofing.

Initially, NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP was designed to allow users to migrate workloads between on-premise data centres and the cloud. As hosted technology has matured, businesses have begun to consider the potential of multi-cloud infrastructure. By selecting the best services from each vendor, they can better contain cloud costs, increase flexibility and optimise the performance of every aspect of operations.

Because ONTAP and Cloud Volume Services are available on multiple platforms, moving files between providers becomes much easier – and potentially quicker too. NetApp empowers businesses to migrate between providers to ensure they are always receiving the best value from their investments and allowing them to change providers as circumstances change.

Discover the NetApp cloud

IDC advice is clear. Businesses should seriously consider NetApp’s cloud service offerings to improve cost and performance for their cloud workloads. The ability to view workloads wherever they are located (on-premise or in the cloud) will allow them to deliver a consistently good experience in any setting.

To learn more about NetApp cloud services and how they will help you turbocharge your file storage strategy, please get in get in touch.

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