What is the true value of an Oracle Database Appliance?

Deploying and managing Oracle databases is time consuming, complex and costly, especially when dealing with mission-critical, line-of-business applications. So just how much difference does an Oracle Database Appliance make when choosing a platform to host your database? Why should you choose the more expensive Oracle Engineered Solution over a more generic platform?

The fact is Oracle-on-Oracle delivers some significant benefits – even larger than you may expect. Here is what you need to know.

Performance benefits

When time is money and speed of data access may mean the difference between life and death, performance is a key strategic concern. It makes sense then that a hardware platform designed from the ground up for your database engine should deliver superior performance – and it does.

According to customer testing, Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) offers a 50% improvement on load times and a 49% gain for query speed. Transactions also complete 34% quicker than when using a generic hardware platform thanks to superior I/O capabilities.

In addition to day-to-day operations, the Oracle Database Appliance is also optimised for administrative functions. Backup performance is boosted by up to 41% while recovery completes 38% faster. In the event of a local disaster, your business will be able to recover operations more quickly.

Cost benefits

The headline cost of an Oracle Database Appliance is undeniable more than a generic platform – but this masks the overall value of vendor-specific hardware. Users report that performance and efficiency gains repay the cost of the ODA in just 10 months.

These savings are ongoing too. Over five years, expect to see the cost of operations drop by 54%. This results in a 498% return on investment over the same period, generally from increased efficiency for the business, the IT team and end-users themselves. This is particularly true if the appliance allows you to consolidate hardware to reduce licensing costs and administrative overheads.

Choosing a cheaper alternative to an ODA may actually be a false economy that ends up costing more in the long term.

Operational benefits

Just how more efficient is the Oracle Database Appliance? The ODA experiences less than one minute of unplanned downtime per user per year. Deploying a new database requires 73% less staff time. Infrastructure teams become 70% more efficient and DBA teams are 61% better off, delivering cost reductions of around $26k per database (~£18.7k).

These efficiency savings have a significant effect on your company finances. A 20% reduction in IT infrastructure costs frees up budget for investment in strategic projects for instance. ODA users also report an average revenue increase of $0.9m (~£650,000) per year, marking a significant gain for the business.

By making management and administration more efficient, ODA enables your business to become more responsive and agile. This in turn positions you to better overcome the challenges of digital transformation and a more demanding customer base.

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