Introducing the all-new Oracle Exadata X9M platform

When the Oracle Exadata X8M platform was released, no other database server came close in terms of performance, either on-premise or in the cloud. But with the release of the new Oracle Exadata X9M platform, an all-new standard has been set.

According to Oracle, this latest generation server offers a massive 70% performance boost, delivering up to 27.6 million SQL IOPS per rack. This is achieved by using Intel Ice Lake 32-core CPUs to give a 33% increase in the max number of cores and RAM per server, along with a 64% upgrade in memory bandwidth.

By switching the 14TB disks used in the X8M series with 18TB alternatives, the X9M allows users to increase potential storage capacity without affecting the purchase price. Overall, each rack offers a mix of up to 1,216 DB cores, 38TB memory, 3.8 PB Raw Disk, 920 TB NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) Flash, and 27 TB Intel Optane PMem (Persistent Memory).

So what?

The Oracle Exadata X9M platform is built for the most demanding of database deployments. SQL IOPS are 42% cheaper, making the platform an affordable choice for mid-sized customers with transaction-intensive workloads for instance.

The X9M platform is also well suited to analytics functions. With 1TB/second of SQL throughput per rack, you can scan over a terabyte of data every second. This is ideal for real-time analytics, such as IoT or financial services applications. Scanning is also 47% cheaper than the X8M, enabling the use of analytics by smaller organisations.

Cloud-like operations – in your data centre

Exadata Cloud@Customer X9M is described by Oracle as “the world’s fastest on-premises cloud database system”. And with IO latencies of under 19 microseconds, they are almost certainly correct.

According to the Wikibon community, a cloud database:

  • Matches the infrastructure technology with the database application performance requirements
  • Scales horizontally and vertically to match the business requirements seamlessly
  • Automatically provides appropriate levels (SLAs) of availability, speed-of-recovery, and data-loss in recovery required by the business
  • Scales up and down rapidly and with no operational impact to changing demand
  • Allows users to pay only for the compute and storage used
  • Provides automation of all standard operating processes and database options

The X9M meets all these criteria – and it significantly outperforms Amazon RDS and Microsoft Azure SQL. Exadata Cloud@Customer X9M delivers 50x better OLTP latency and 100x better than Azure SQL. For analytics functions, X9M is 25x faster than Azure and 72x quicker than Amazon RDS.

The Exadata Cloud@Customer platform offers the best of both worlds. Massive scalability and on-demand resource allocation like the cloud coupled with extreme performance that can only normally be found in an on-premise data centre. Indeed, the X9M is the perfect platform for high-demand, high-performance Oracle databases.

To learn more about the Oracle Exadata X9M platform and what it offers your business, please give us a call.

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