Why Choose NetApp FAS Storage Arrays?

As you plan the next stage of data storage evolution, there are hundreds of different vendor and technology combinations available. So why should you consider NetApp FAS Storage as your platform?


Ideally, storage should be set-and-forget – failing that, you are looking for a solution that has minimal administrative overheads. NetApp FAS combined with ONTAP data management operating system allows you to provision storage from cold in just ten minutes.

This combination of hardware and software has been designed to streamline and simplify storage management for the entire lifespan of your platform. You can even upgrade or service your storage during business hours without affecting operations or performance. Cards and controllers can be replaced quickly, designed in such a way that servicing is simple and straightforward, minimising the risk of errors that may result in downtime.

Deploying NetApp FAS also helps to simplify your overall infrastructure. FAS arrays offer the same functionality as both SAN and NAS, allowing you to replace both with a single alternative.


Flexible and modular, the NetApp FAS range can scale up and out according to your changing data storage needs. Scale-up by adding capacity and controllers, scale-out by growing nodes – adding up to 176PB of capacity.

ONTAP also simplifies the process of integrating public cloud services with your FAS arrays. Data and workloads can be migrated between on-premise and hosted services quickly and easily – or automated entirely where appropriate. You can define tiers of service, then allow ONTAP to migrate data to the storage platform best suited to deliver on those requirements.

Built with one eye on the future, NetApp FAS supports large volumes of data in various formats. With provisions for unstructured data, FAS arrays are suitable for vanilla file storage and big data analytics operations.

Trusted and Secure

Using ONTAP Volume Encryption, any data held on your NetApp FAS arrays can be encrypted while at rest. This encryption is built-in as standard, so there’s no need for special encrypting disks. Once data is no longer required, individual files can be cryptographically shredded and sanitized, making them unrecoverable in line with data protection demands like GDPR.

Other features like rules-based access control (RBAC) and multi-factor authentication prevent unauthorised use of admin systems and your data. Even more granular, storage-level file security to protect data against unauthorised access or deletion – even by admin users.

The ONTAP – FAS combination also offers excellent replication capabilities. This helps to accelerate recovery and ensure consistent data protection across your application estate, including asynchronous replication to the cloud for remote backup and recovery. There’s even deep integration with leading backup applications to further simplify management.

NetApp FAS storage has demonstrated proven, real-world six-nines availability, underscoring the built-in resilience of the platform. Market-leading reliability means that businesses across the world are happy to place their trust in FAS arrays for mission-critical data storage.

A great choice for your data storage requirements

The NetApp FAS family offers a family on which to build your data storage future. Excellent features combined with leading security provisions add up to a platform you can trust with your most important workloads.

To learn more about NetApp FAS and what it offers your business, please get in touch.

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