Why choose NetApp solutions for your Oracle deployments

Oracle on Oracle is often regarded as the gold standard for database operations – and it is certainly high performing. But there are credible alternatives to Oracle hardware that are worth investigating.

This is particularly true for businesses who are already committed to the NetApp ecosystem. As well as offering comparable Oracle performance, NetApp hardware usage extends far beyond ‘just’ database operations.

Here are some additional factors to consider:

Exceptional performance

NetApp all-flash arrays (AFA) are built on NVMe and fibre channel technologies to deliver exceptional performance – and the six-nines (99.9999%) uptime your mission-critical operations require. Running Oracle on NetApp increases database response times by as much as 12x.

There are also benefits in the event of a system failure too. Data recovery on an AFA can be completed as much as 98% faster during a system outage than from a traditional disk-based array.

Increased efficiency

As existing NetApp users will be aware, ONTAP can automatically allocate workloads and data to the most appropriate storage location. Line of business Oracle databases are almost certainly best suited to local AFAs, but archive data sets can be migrated to a low-cost cloud service where appropriate. An automated transfer is seamless, reducing management overheads for your infrastructure team as well as the total cost of ownership.

Familiar ONTAP management

Choosing NetApp for Oracle database operations is a smart strategic move for businesses already invested in that ecosystem. Leveraging existing ONTAP skills will help to accelerate infrastructure deployment. And any learning curve will be minimal, allowing your team to focus on database operations and development and maximising return on investment.

Future-proofed infrastructure

NetApp AFAs are designed with the future in mind, simplifying the process of cloud migration where appropriate. In addition to FlexPod storage servers, the product range also includes Cloud Volumes for Oracle which allows your business to take full advantage of hybrid cloud operations.

With NetApp, you have the option of running Oracle databases on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of the two. As connectivity improves and latency decreases, an easy transition path to cloud-only operations is made available. Importantly, this also provides virtually infinite scalability as your data stores continue to grow.

Cloud volumes also support containerisation technologies. You can use them to build next-generation microservices and to deliver the service-oriented IT infrastructure your business needs to support DevOps and digital transformation programs.

Speak to a NetApp specialist

Oracle on NetApp is highly performant, making it a more than viable proposition – and for many businesses makes more sense than Oracle on Oracle. For organisations committed to Oracle as their database engine of choice, NetApp offers clear future-proofing and the opportunity to build a best-of-breed storage infrastructure that will not limit strategic choices in future.

To learn more about running Oracle on NetApp and what it may mean for your business, please get in touch.

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